Intercultural Mentoring Program

The Intercultural Mentoring Program is a pilot project that aims to develop meaningful cultural connections between new residents and established residents of Saskatoon. This program matches participants who are either a Newcomer (a Refugee or an Immigrant) or an Indigenous person coming from a reserve or a rural area who is new to living in Saskatoon (typically for less than 1 year) with a local mentor who has lived in Saskatoon for more than five years. Overall, this program hopes to increase Saskatoon residents’ intercultural competencies by offering structured and supported mentoring relationships.

Participants will:

  • Receive friendly and informative support that helps them integrate into the community;
  • Gain a safe and knowledgeable contact to ask questions
  • Learn about important local resources and local cultural norms
  • Increase self-confidence and feel more comfortable and connected to Saskatoon
  • Have the opportunity to practice communication skills

Local Mentors will:

  • Increase their cross-cultural understanding by learning about another culture
  • Contribute to creating a more welcoming community
  • Develop their leadership skills by mentoring a new resident and helping them feel at home in a new community


A) Initial Contact –  If you are interested in participating as a mentor or participant please contact:

Russell McAuley ­­­­– Intercultural Education Coordinator

Saskatchewan Intercultural Association

Room 415, 230 Ave R South, Saskatoon SK

Phone: (306) 986-0067

E-mail:  rThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

B)  Registration – Participants and local Mentors will fill out an application form for the program and meet with the coordinator. Intake will be continuous throughout the year.

C)  Matching - The applications will be reviewed and matches will be made based on applicant profiles. Both the Participant and Mentor will be contacted and informed of their match and the first meeting at SIA will be arranged.

D)  Agreement Signing - A mentoring agreement will be signed by the participant and mentor to outline the expectations of the program, including a minimum time commitment of 10 hours within two months.  They will be given ideas on where they can meet, suggestions for topics to discuss, and provided with a package of resources.

E)  Group Intercultural Sessions SIA will organize bi-monthly Intercultural group sessions for all current mentors and participants to attend. The sessions will encourage intercultural learning through activities, guest speakers, etc. and will allow the participants and mentors to share their experiences.

F) Follow up-  The coordinator will check in regularly to assess the success of the mentoring match and any support will be provided when needed. The mentoring relationship is set-up and monitored by SIA so that the participants and mentors feel safe and supported throughout their experience. 

G)  Evaluation - At the end of the two-month mark, both the participant and the mentor will be contacted to fill in an evaluation regarding their mentoring experience.

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We would like to thank our generous funder of the Intercultural Mentoring Program:

                          Sk Lotteries