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The Saskatchewan Intercultural Association (SIA) has been working with the business community for over 15 years and appreciates the dedication of those who have partnered with our employment programs. By participating in our employment programs, employers have been able to increase their labour pool, benefit from newcomers skill, and increase diversity in the workplace. It also allows you to preview a potential candidate without any commitment to hire.

As an employer, we would like you to get involved in any of these gratifying work placements:

Mentorship Program:

  • 8-12 week volunteer work placement
  • Participants are skilled professionals with post-secondary education
  • These individuals have at least 5 years of experience in their professional background
  • There is no expectation to compensate or hire

LITE Program:

  • 12 week work placements at 30 hours per week
  • Education levels range from high school to post-secondary
  • Most participants are looking for their first job
  • All participants receive training on transferable job skills, computer basics, communication skills, and cross-cultural awareness
  • Employers are reimbursed half of provincial minimum wage during the course of the work placement

Employers can also get involved by mentoring a participant:

The Saskatchewan Intercultural Association provides professional mentoring opportunities between newcomers and established professionals in Saskatoon. Through different programs we have offered and facilitated these relationships in several professional settings. We have arranged both long-term and short-term mentoring relationships as well as on the job mentoring. SIA also regularly organizes presentations by Saskatoon’s business community members to the newcomers in our programs.

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We are a charitable organization therefore a tax receipt will be issued upon making a valuable donation to us.

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